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We are your gateway to the world of quality electrical material. We represent the leading manufacturers in the industrial electrical sector.

Manufacturers we represent

StockElectric - Mersen
StockElectric - Gescable
StockElectric - Siccis
StockElectric - Bremas
StockElectric - Staffel
StockElectric - Contact Italia
StockElectric - Mete
StockElectric - Contaclip
StockElectric - Electrical panel
StockElectric - Engineer and electrical panel

Years of experience

Lasting commitment

Quality and seriousness with years of experience

Since our inception in 2013, we have been committed to offering not only high quality products, but also serious management and a constant presence in the regions of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

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Constant presence in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands

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Exceptional products that exceed expectations

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With a solid base of knowledge accumulated over the decades, at Stockeléctric we understand the complexities and demands of the electricity sector. We are proud to be your reliable ally in the search for efficient and cutting-edge electrical solutions.



Our experience, backed by more than 30 years, stands as a solid foundation, giving you the confidence of having a partner who perfectly understands the complexities and changing demands of the electricity sector.



We are proud to be the bridge between you and renowned manufacturers in the industrial electrical field. This partnership not only reflects our dedication to quality, but also our constant pursuit of bringing you the best in electrical products and solutions.



As pioneers in advanced electrical solutions, we lead the way towards efficiency, sustainability and cutting-edge technology. Our commitment to constant innovation ensures that you will always benefit from the latest and greatest in the electrical world.



We are committed to managing every aspect of our service with the seriousness and dedication necessary to give you the trust you deserve. At Stockeléctric, your peace of mind is the direct result of our meticulous attention and our firm responsibility at every step.

Connecting opportunities

Our passion for representing outstanding companies

Our mission is to be the bridge that unites the best companies in the electrical sector with those who seek quality, innovation and trust. 

Discover how our dedication to representation translates into strong partnerships and unlimited opportunities